Friday, September 16

let's talk about: Otto

Otto is a well-seasoned name, a name with history (and a lot of it is German history, so it can get kind of dark) and heft. Otto conveys strength and power — it means “wealth,” or “fortune” — yet it doesn’t seem musty or cumbersome.
Otto is saved by its simplicity. It’s lovely to look at — I’ve always been a sucker for symmetry — and is just plain fun to say.
If Otto isn’t your thing, there are lots and lots of great variants. For boys, there’s a French twist, Eudes, the name of a saint and a king. There’s even-simpler Udo, which gives off a totally different vibe. And for girls, there are endless, pretty, very unusual forms. Odette and Odile, names made famous by Swan Lake, share Otto’s Germanic root. The Spanish feminine form is the striking Odalys. And charming Ottilie is enjoying a quiet resurgence in modern British birth announcements.

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  1. It's a family name for me, yes old dark Germanic me! haha

    Still on the cards for being used. Maybe ...


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