Wednesday, September 28

Olympic Names

One of my favorite sources for new names has been the list of athletes who competed in the last summer Olympics. It was on the official Olympic website, organized alphabetically with notes as to the gender and country of origin for each person. When I found it, I almost cried. I saved the list immediately, typing each name separately because I could not bring myself to copy + paste such a holy document. 
It reads like a roster of customers waiting in line at the global DMV — this is not your average set of boring bourgie birth announcements. The only common thread is that each person is, apparently, freakishly good at some sporty-type thing. With no regard to economic or social status, these names come from everywhere. I love this list — it never fails to amuse me, and it has taught me a lot. It’s because of this list that I can talk for hours about naming trends in Ghana or Puerto Rico. (I mean, in theory. That conversation has never actually happened, except in my own head.)
Here are some jewels to fit any aesthetic —

Ardo (Estonia)
Catello (Italy)
Luksa (Croatia)
Metodi (Bulgaria)
Osmai (Cuba)
Quiarol (Honduras)
Sanan (Thailand)
Siarhei (Belarus)
Spyridon (Greece)

Clementina (Seychelles)
Georgeta (Romania)
Iskra (Bulgaria)
Lailatou (Niger)
Naoaki (Japan)
Omnia (Egypt)
Phara (France)
Silulu (American Samoa)
Tassadit (Algeria)
Virginie (France)
Zita (Hungary)

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