Tuesday, October 25

Let's Get Married

Gratuitous personal wedding photo

During my senior year of art school, I worked on a thesis show for graduating. I decided to use —  surprise, surprise —  a list of names, specifically the names of couples who took out wedding announcements in the Sunday New York Times. I compiled three years worth of data, and made a show about the intersection of chance and organization, assigning fates to these couples by setting them down in my homemade grid. Art school! Four years of it! 

Anyway, I still have the list. And a huge part of its appeal, for me, is the idea of a marriage of names. People who love names like to wax poetic about sibling sets — think of these as ... spouse sets. I went through and selected some that stood out as particularly complementary or charmingly mismatched. 

These are male/female couples unless noted, male listed first for clarity's sake.

Alcindor & Nadina 
Alexei & Clara 
Alfred & Fern  
Archibald & Gigi  
Aristotel & Mirela 
Beau & Laurel  
Bridger & McClain  
Cawley & Frances  
Claude & Taffy  
Danton & Zoë 
Duncan & Annesley 
Edith & Thea (both women) 
Efrem & Mumtaz  
Eugene & Savitri  
Felix & Ingrid 
Frederick & Allegra  
Gibson & Colette  
Gus & Wizzie  
Guy & Febbie  
Igor & Sunny
Leo & Molly 
Leon & Marie-Florence 
Luc & Daisy  
Matthias & Susannah  
Nanette & Dee (both women) 
Nicholai & Lara  
Oliver & Britta  
Oliver & Rémie  
Pascal & Margot  
Raoul & Savitha  
Raphael & Claudine  
Ravi & Lakshmi 
Reuben & Katja  
Rocco & Tamala  
Ruye & Marion  
Sebastian & Antje  
Semeon & Sabina
Setti & Tassy 
Sophien & Catherine
Tapio & Laleh  
Tick & Elly  
Tig & Rosanna 
Wallace & Merle  


  1. This list is fabulous. I have to say that Wizzie made me laugh pretty hard...

  2. Classic combos!
    Tig & Rosanna! I love it!

  3. Igor and Sunny make me laugh - Igor is a cartoon villain in a storm, while Sunny is all ... well, Sunny!!!! Archibald and Gigi are also a sweet mismatch.

    Love Pascal and Margot, Felix and Ingrid, Luc and Daisy and Raphael and Claudine.

  4. At University I compiled a list of names from marriage announcements, too (although mine were names from the 18th and 19th century). Your list is fantastic. Leo & Molly sound like a such sweet couple and Aristotel & Mirela sound so cool.


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