Wednesday, October 5

Olympic Names II

Lots to share today, from athletes with surnames beginning with "B"  

Audace (Burundi)
Barnabas (Hungary)
Casnel (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)
Collis (Australia)
Drasko (Montenegro)
Ingo (Germany)
Istvan (Hungary)
Kenenisa (Ethiopia)
Mavlet (Russian Federation)
Norayr (Armenia)
Onan (Spain)
Parfait (Cameroon)
Raivis (Latvia)
Rens (Netherlands)
Saulius (Lithuania)
Serafim (Bulgaria)
Sixto (Peru)
Thato (Botswana)
Uranan (Thailand)

Alenka (Slovenia)
Aleoskar (Venezuela)
Alevtina (Russian Federation)
Charikleia (Greece)
Fruzsina (Hungary)
Hawley (United States)
Henriette (Norway)
Iveta (Czech Republic)
Khaoula (Tunisia)
Mariama (Guinea)
Onalenna (Botswana)
Romela (Albania)
Severine (France)
Symphora (France)
Tully (Australia)
Vered (Israel)
Vipa (Germany)
Ysis (Venezuela)
Zivile (Lithuania)

Do any of these catch your eye? There is always something to be found in names like these. Parfait from Cameroon might be my favorite. Cameroon has some pretty wild names, deserving of a post all its own. Hmm ...

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  1. Ooo, some beauties there! I'll take Audace, Drasko, Saulius, Aleoskar, Symphora and Zivile please!


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