Thursday, October 20

Olympic Names III

Here are the latest treasures from the list that never stops giving. 

Arles (Colombia) 
Aurelien (Cameroon)
Berenger (France)
Calo (Brazil) — if Arlo's gaining popularity with boys and girls, why not Calo?
Chakyl (Mozambique)
Cyrille (France)
Gleb (Republic of Moldova)
Itzok (Slovenia)
Jonty (Great Britain) 
Ockert (South Africa)
Rafaa (Tunisia)
Richarno (Mauritius)
Sayon (Liberia) 
Sekou (Côte d' Ivoire)
Selahattin (Turkey)
Taulant (Albania) 
Zvonko (Croatia)

Adelinde (Netherlands)
Almudena (Spain)
Amandine (France)
Asli (Turkey) 
Benedetta (Italy)
Claudirene (Brazil)
Damu (United States)
Gavriella (Cyprus) — I don't like Gabriella/Gabrielle, but find the "V" much more appealing 
Graziane (Brazil) 
Hyera (Korea)
Liljana (Croatia)
Maialen (Spain)
Nandelle (Trinidad & Tobago
Persefoni (Greece)
Rohanee (Australia)
Rosir (Cuba)
Schillonie (Jamaica)
Treniere (United States)
Xiexia (China)

What catches your eye? I'm fond of Aurelien, Selahattin, Taulant, Maialen, Nandelle and Persefoni. How retro-cool is Nandelle?


  1. Agreed on Calo - why not?

    What an interesting, phonetic way to spell Persephone - I guess even the Greeks mispronounce it? Either that or her parents are into 'creative spelling.'

  2. Hi there--thanks so much for following my names blog! I really need to update it more. You have a nice blog, too--the design is really pretty, and the content is great. I totally agree with you about Gavriella. I also like Liljana.

    ~Joy Caroline


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