Monday, October 31

Olympic Names IV

Happy Halloween, everyone! I'll be taking a little astronaut candy-collecting this evening, but in the meantime, here are some new lovelies from the list of '08 Olympic athletes.

In birth announcement news, I'm very happy to report that two of my favorite people, who also happen to be one of my favorite couples, had a baby girl on the 29th and named her Georgette Rock. Congratulations, Katie and Val —  and great job naming your new little one.

Caimin (Netherlands) 
Demma (Ethiopia)
Dieudonne (Rwanda)
Garfield (France) 
Itte (Nauru)
Jeroen (Netherlands)
Niksa (Croatia)
Oreydis (Cuba)
Rodion (Netherlands Antilles) 
Roelof (South Africa)
Royston (Netherlands)
Sepp (Belgium)
Taghi (Iran) 
Talant (Kyrgyzstan)
Taras (Ukraine)
Tohouri (Côte d' Ivoire) 
Warwick (Australia)

Agni (Greece)
Aisetta (France)
Aiste (Lithuania)
Apolline (France) 
Celma (São Tomé & Principe)
Ceren (Turkey)
Cleopatre (France)
Dorji (Bhutan)  
Estera (Romania) 
Hidilyn (Philippines)
Jolanta (Latvia
Jucimara (Brazil)
Lieselot (Belgium)
Lisanne (Netherlands)
Lysaira (United States)
Maayan (Israel)
Marcelien (Netherlands)
Meseret (Ethiopia) 
Nienke (Netherlands)
Orlagh (Ireland)
Priska (Switzerland)
Raminta (Lithuania


  1. Hidilyn feels a bit like a modern name contraction - Heidi + Lynn.

    I also think Georgette (Georgie) Rock is a beautiful name! Congratulations to your friends!

  2. Rodion is gorgeous!

    I find Priska fascinating ... A great nickname for Priscilla, one that's far more vibrant and interesting than the full form. (Wait - or is Priscilla the nickname?)

    And congrats to your friends - Georgette Rock is the bomb!

  3. Priska is a name in its own right, from ancient Roman family name Priscus, like Priscilla. It's a personal favorite, pretty high on my list. I am a sucker for most -iska names!

  4. I love Caimin, Dieudonne, Tohouri, Lieselot, and many others. I like Roelof too, but the form Roelov.


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