Friday, December 2

Friday Faves

For this week's Friday Faves, another song's stuck in my head. This is Andrew Bird singing "Sovay," which takes its title from a traditional English folk song about a woman who dresses as a highwayman to test her love's loyalty. In disguise, she robs him, and he gives up all his belongings except his ring, which he refuses to part with. Since he proves the depths of his love, there's a happy ending, but if he'd let her take the ring, she says, "I'd have pulled the trigger and shot you dead." 

The names Sophie and Sylvie appear in some versions of the original song, and Sovay's probably a lyrical variant. I like its folksy sound, and there's something simple and sweet about it, too. 

then you realize
that you're riding on a para-success
of a heavy-handed metaphor
and a feeling like you've been here before

because you've been here before
and you've been here before

then a word washed ashore
a word washed ashore
then a word washed ashore

Sovay, Sovay, Sovay
all along the day

What names are on your mind, today?


  1. It's a very interesting story - does anyone know where the name Solvay comes from?

    It sounds like an English form of the Norse name Solveig, meaning "powerful house".

  2. Sovay reminds me of the name Sophie - I've probably used it to refer to my sister before, thinking about it.

    Names on my mind right now? Hattie and Dougie.

  3. beautiful name, and a lovely little anecdote :)

  4. Sovay is really pretty! I love its musical connotations. Thanks for sharing!


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