Friday, December 30

Friday Faves

Name dreams: I have them. Often, too, though most of the time they involve a stressful situation where I've named someone the wrong thing, and I'm trying to explain to someone my good intentions to uninterested blob-people. I'm filing the name dreams for when I'm in my 30s and realize that I need therapy. In the meantime, I'm enjoying them.

Annina featured prominently in a recent name dream. Though Annina is my preferred spelling, I also like German Anina and Finnish Anniina. I do love how the Finnish double-up their "I"s. They are diminutives of Anna, a truly classic name (currently 28# on the US charts) that is pretty hard to dislike — I mean, it's a palindrome, after all.

Here are some other lovely Anna variants — Dutch Anouk and Annelien, Finnish Anneli,  Annikki and Annukka, Hungarian Anikó, Anca and Anka, Norwegian Anniken, brilliant French Anaïs and Breton Annick


  1. I love Anais - and Annick, too. Annick would work for a boy, I think.

  2. I love Anouk. I was recently looking through my uncle's FB friends (he lives in Europe, so a lot of good finds) and he had two friends named Annelien and Annick. I like both, especially Annelien.

  3. Like Kelsey, I do love the name Anouk. The Dutch really love their short names, I've seen no end of them given to Dutch celeb babies this year.

  4. As an Anna, I feel obligated to comment ...

    Annina is great, as you get the popular nickname Nina from it (it's popular here anyway).

    Annika is very trendy in Australia, and Annick, Annikki and Anniken make great variants, although Anniken now sounds like Luke's father ...

    Anais is lovely, although I wonder if it really is a version of Anna? Everyone seems to have their own theory on that one!

    I'm fond of Anouk, and it's the name of one of the celebrity kids I covered, from the famous Daddo clan.

  5. Oh, name dreams! I've had two dreams where I've named a baby that I had in that dream (in real life, I am childless).

    The first was Allele, which I thought was really interesting, seeing as it's not a name but refers to genes. Another time, I named a baby Aubrey, which is strange, as I've never been interested in that name at all.

  6. I love Anouck! I just read a book with a character named Annisha and think I am in love all over again with "ann" names.


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