Friday, January 27

Friday Faves

Arthur's a name-creep — it was at the top of my list for a while, then dropped off entirely, and now is working its way back into my naming favor. In the US, Arthur's currently at its lowest point in popularity since 1880. It once ranked as high as #14 (its 2010-equivalent would be Andrew) but now sits at #389 — higher than I expected, but it's not looking too good. 

I'd like to see it used more. It has strong literary ties — fans of Arthurian legend are responsible for its first burst of popularity — and great nickname opportunities, including Art, Archie and Artie. It has many lovely variants, like Dutch Tuur, Finnish Arttu, Lithuanian Artūras, Scottish Artair and Spanish Arturo. Wouldn't Turo make a cool nickname?

Then there's this song by ridiculously great band The Kinks, which spells out Arthur as a plain, simple man. And maybe he is, but the name has depth created by centuries of regular use, famous bearers who've served it well, and just the right amount of dust to keep things interesting.

all the way he was overtaken
by the people who make the big decisions
but he tried and he tried for a better life
and a way to improve his own condition

don't you know it, don't you know it
you can cry, cry all night 
but it won't make it right
don't you know it, don't you know it

Arthur, we know and we sympathize
don't you know it, don't you know it
Arthur, we like you and want to help you
somebody loves you, don't you know it?


  1. My maternal great-grandfather's name was Artur(Arthur in Portuguese). I'm not a big fan of using family names so Arthur is kinda of out. It really is a shame, because I adore the nn Artie. I do like your suggestion of Artair, though.

  2. Arthur actually seems to be gaining here, I'm seeing more of it, especially in the middle position.

    Such a handsome name; it keeps drifting on and off my list as well.

  3. I love Arthur. He was off my list for a while, but soon came right back into my top five. I've found that he's rather dashing as a first name with one of my family surnames in the middle. :)


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