Thursday, January 5


These are some of the more interesting combos I found while looking over a list of the people my grandfather graduated college with (in June, 1956) — 

Albert Lowell 
Arthur Albert Emil 
Burney John 
Coldevin Bruce 
Dimmitt Otto 
Everett Armistead 
Garland Wilson 
Henry de Forest
Horace Cecil 
Julius Lobe 
Kohen Ellis 
Louis Wilmer 
Mayes Ervin 
Murff Franklin 
Odus Edgar 
Oliver Price 
Otis Thornton 
Porter King
Sigsby Keefer 
Tesson Joseph 
Urvine Ellsworth 
Van Bryan

Alma Louise 
Annot Faye 
Genevieve Pyle 
Hazel Leah 
Jane McIver 
June Anita
Leona Emilene 
Marienne Adele 
Marion Rozzelle 
Mildred Maxine
Nancy Corinne
Sybil Dingle

Some interesting ones, right? A lot of people had surnames as their middles -- especially the women. There was a girl named Louette, too, and I really like that. 


  1. Love Garland Wilson, June Anita, Mildred Maxine, Annot Faye, Horace Cecil, and Van Bryan

  2. My graduation list is nowhere near as interesting as your grandfather's. Arthur Albert Emil, Sigsby Keefer (mainly because I love almost all Sig- names)Everett Armistead are my favourite on the men's side. For the women, I like Marienne Adele and June Anita.

  3. Ooh, great list. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sybil Dingle is adorable! And I love Garland on a man.

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