Friday, February 3

Friday Faves

Jane for Friday

he don't like his boring job, no

Jane for Saturday

all the girls look the same

and Janes for Sunday, too

anyone who ever had a heart

all of the flower ladies

Jane seems the perfect name to fit any kind of story, less a blank-Doe slate than an inspiring, mysterious classic. Jane gets more love as a middle name than a first, and I think it's less common than people assume, at least in the US — it's currently at #384 on the charts, and last peaked at #35, in 1946. 

It's a feminine form of John, of course, and has lots of lovely variants — my favorites include sweet, retro Janet, Dutch diminutive Jantine, underrated Janine, Icelandic Jóna, punk rock Sheena and Welsh Siân ("SHAH:N").

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  1. I've only met one Jane. One! Her full name is Jane Rebecca (which I love), and not only does she wear the name wonderfully - she's one of the sweetest people I've ever met.

    Jane is among my top names for a girl, and I'd use her in a heartbeat with a longer, quirkier middle name. The only problem? She's too similar in sound to my favorite boy's name, James.


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