Tuesday, February 14

Valentine's Day Name Game

Another holiday, another name game. For this one, the names were randomly selected from my list of married couples gathered from the New York Times wedding announcements. To play:

Leave a comment, and choose 4 numbers, from 1 through 50. You may repeat numbers if you like.

Specify whether you'd prefer a male/female pairing or a same sex couple, and I'll do a post tomorrow with your new Valentine's day matches. 

In the meantime, feel free to get weepy and/or warm 'n gooey whilst listening to this pretty deep Stevie Wonder song.

the many sounds that meet our ears
the sights our eyes behold,
will open up our merging hearts,
and feed our empty souls

I believe when I fall in love with you 
it will be forever,
I believe when I fall in love this time 
it will be forever

Update: Thanks to everyone who played! Here are your happy couples — 

Lou  —  Rémy Harris and Gwen Jaya
Anonymous 10:41  —  Tick Basile and Simone Lela
breakingthenight  —  Ambrose Guy and Rose Edith
Caitlin  —  Rahul Hays and Heath Gillian
Chelsea K  —  Sophien Archibald and Christiane Yael
Anonymous 8:33  —  Raphael Javit and Molly Caroline
appleteeth  —  Heath Constance and Marion Marcella


  1. Ooo...fun! 12, 30, 19, 24. male/female

  2. 5, 7, 30, 47 Male/Female


  3. 17, 12,36, 2 Male/Female

  4. 49, 2, 22, 17

  5. I think I got the best one...Ambrose and Rose!
    My favorite names here were: Rose Edith, Christiane Yael, and Marion Marcella.


Names are all opinion -- share yours.