Monday, April 23

School Days

main building at CalArts, photo from the school website

I was lucky enough to spend my college years at a pretty magical — and often baffling place full of engaged free-thinkers. I was also onomastically (shh, just pretend that's a word) lucky because lots of the people I met had wonderful, unique names. And I was very onomastically lucky because there was a full list of students (first, middle and last names) just sitting around waiting for someone to grab it, copy it and use it. 

It was a namer's dream find — less a reflection of names that were popular 18-21 years ago and more a collection of kids named by parents who wouldn't mind shelling out Harvard-level tuition for their stinky little hippie to spend four years honing skills that just make their parents' bitter friends say things like, "Well, what's she going to do with that degree, anyway?" 

I'm gonna start a names blog, that's what! Geez.

Here are some of the most memorable first-middle combos from that now-nostalgic list — 

Abra Raphaela 
Adela Louise 
Annika Eve Sonja 
Apolonia Lyon 
Buffy Mignonne — couldn't you just squeeze this one? 
Cassia Charlotte
Catherine Britt — this and the Katherine below make me dig a classic first paired with an unexpected middle 
Daisy Jacqueline 
Eugenia Sangmie 
Gwenaëlle Virginie 
Honey Beverly — I didn't know either of these girls, but in my head they are BFFs, Buffy + Honey 4Eva
Imani Tahira 
Jemima Evelyn 
Katherine Semple — Semple, love the sounds 
Leigh Graybill — I appreciate Leigh on a lady 
Lilia Alexieva 
Margo Valentine — hey! I saw this list long before I had a daughter. Maybe this is the source that brought Valentine out of the ether
Mary Louiza — looking sharp with that Z, Louisa 
Mirabelle Ting-Ting 
Morvarid Pearl — Morvarid means "pearl" already, so maybe she added Pearl in there to make it easier for dumb American ears?
Pia Katrina
Trulee Grace 
Vera Nam — love Vera, extra-love it paired with super spare middle names
Winona Irene
Yfke Laurette 

Barrs Sage 
Beau Wesley 
Benton Wright 
Felix Raphael — it was more obvious with the boys, but these kids are seriously pre-trend. I met so many Olivers and Mileses it was ridiculous 
Fionnegan Justus 
Leo Augustus
Leonardo Imamura — love Leonardo paired with a Japanese middle (in this case, a surname in the middle-name spot, I believe) 
MacGregor Douglas — Mac- names for girls had their moment, why not for boys? Mac- does mean "son of" 
Moritz Cornelius 
Noel Emerson 
Oliver Julius 
Otis Benjamin 
Ren William 
Rishi Fredric 
Sam Nevada — love Nevada on a boy 
Tanin Torn  
Tariq Samuel
Tizoc Shuru 
Wilson Coates 

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  1. Ren William? Leonardo Imamura? Rishi Fredric, Oliver Julius, Margo Valentine, Winona Irene, Honey Beverley, and Mirabelle Ting-Ting? Ahh, California; I so long to dwell within your name-fabulous borders.


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