Tuesday, April 3

Spring Combos

We did this drive yesterday, photo by laliseuse via Flickr

I'm doing a bit of spring name cleaning and these combos have been floating around my brain. Th
ey're all taken from recent(-ish) posts, paired up semi-randomly — hopefully there's something to inspire you 

Everon Wing 
Homer Hyperion 
Indus Folquin 
Jovian Danvi 
Migo Vicien 
Oslo Hopper 
Percy Wilkin 
Savi Hector 
Tenzin Yuma 

Easter Olivella 
Ieva Ésmeraude 
Ilma Lucewen 
Lovis Floralie 
Luxi Pommelot 
Maevi Anemoon 
Niva Solace 
Pem Annefien
Polly Faeline 


  1. My favourites are Niva Solace and Polly Faeline.

  2. Hyperion, Migo, Percy, Savi, Olivella, Maevi, Niva and Faeline are fabulous!


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