Friday, July 27

Olympic Names: 2012 Edition

I started this blog with a series of names taken from the athlete roster for the 2008 Olympics — and here we are at the very beginning of the London games, ready for another round of inter-multi-cross-national fantasti-names.  

I've said before that this list is one of my favorites, moslty for its randomness. Back in 2008 my husband and I first came across the name Otylia, which served as inspiration for our daughter's name. There's definitely something for everyone in this group. I'll do this in installments as the games progress. Here's the first batch!

Andrique (Seychelles) 
Ayele (Ethiopia)
Choucri (Morocco)  
Crox (Venezuela)  
Courtney (Australia
Ever (Honduras) 
Felix (Israel)
Jangy (Liberia)
Jasper (Belgium) 
Jeinkler (Brazil)
Jordi (Spain)
Juma (UAE)
Lamusi (China) 
Koko (Nigeria)
Lusapho (South Africa)
Muminjon (Uzbekistan)
Nijel (Botswana)
Saylom (Thailand) 
Suguru (Japan)
Taha (Turkey)
Tolga (St. Vincent & Grenadines)
Tontowi (Indonesia) 
Wellington (Dominican Republic) 

Alphonsine (Rwanda) 
Delphine (Cameroon) 
Elaheh (Iraq)
Endurance (Nigeria) 
Eniola (Great Britain)
Feta (Comoros)
Foluke (USA)
Geisa (Brazil)
Henriette (Cameroon) 
Irada (Azerbaijan)
Isabellah (Sweden) 
Kosovare (Sweden)
Lady (Colombia) 
Layes (Azerbaijan)
Loreto (Spain) 
Mariem (Morocco)
Merve (Turkey) 
Naz (Turkey) 
Odile (Benin) 
Ophelie (France)
Phara (France) 
Rand (Iraq)
Ranohon (Uzbekistan)
Reem (Egypt)
Soulmaz (Iran)
Teneal (Australia) 
Tonje (Norway)
Triin (Estonia) 
Tumuaialii (USA)
Ulrika (Sweden) 
Vida (Ghana)
Zorana (Serbia) 
Zourah (Djibouti)


  1. Am I the only one who sees the name Lady and thinks of Scrubs?

  2. I am watching the opening ceremonies and after seeing a handful of great names, I had to come out to your blog to ask you to do an Olympics special. Clearly you beat me to it! I love all of these names. How fitting is the name Endurance for an olympian?

  3. So many good names! Odile, Ophelie, Phara, Vida, Layes, Ever and Saylom are fab. Feta reminds me of feta cheese(nom),and if I were really, really brave I would totally use Wellington.

  4. Endurance is quite the fitting name for an Olympic athlete. Also, I might be the only person who finds Courtney extraordinarily dashing on a man.

    I do love Jasper, Wellington, Alphonsine, Delphine, and Ophelie as well.

  5. great names, but I'm left wondering how to correctly pronounce many of them.

  6. Did you see the female volleyball player named Destiny Hooker? How unfortunate.

  7. I love Wellington but struggle over whether or not its really a "name". So glad to see it used - gives me some confidence in it! Also love Ophelie. Would definitely consider it!

    Lots of really great names.

  8. Tonje is pronounced close to tonya like tone not brawn for the a.

  9. There's also a female Japanese gymnasts called Koko


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