Thursday, August 2

2012 Olympic Names: Round 2

More Olympic names! More, I say! Which of these get a gold medal?

Bence (Hungary) 
Beni (Burundi) — cute little Ben- variants, these 2
Caio (Brazil)  
Cedric (France) — why isn't Cedric more popular in the US?  
Chatchai (Thailand
Edvald (Norway)
Ek (Thailand) — hard to find an appealing 2-letter name, but I really like Ek. It's fun to say. Ek ek ek ek
Grega (Slovenia) 
Ibrahima (Senegal) 
Juozas (Lithuania)
Keerati (Thailand)
Liemarvin (Independent Olympic athlete)
Linus (Germany) — his surname is Butt. That's funny 
Lorys (France)
Onan (Spain)
Renan (Belarus)
Shea (USA)
Tariku (Ethiopia) 
Vullnet (Switzerland)
Yowlys (Cuba) — between Lorys and Yowlys, I'm feeling the "-ys" ending for a boy

Almensh (Belgium) 
Amina (Sudan) 
Anahit (Armenia) 
Ancuta (Romania) 
Anqi (China)
Aude (France)
Beata (Poland)
Bebey (Cameroon)
Carina (Germany) 
Caterin (Chile)
Clemence (France) 
Cleopatra (Trinidad & Tobago)
Coralie (France) 
Dailin (Cuba)
Dotsie (USA) — cutesie 
Fanny (France)
Fionnuala (Ireland) 
Iga (Poland) 
Ioulietta (Greece) — love the look of this Juliet variant 
Kaltoum (Morocco)
Laurence (France) 
Madonna (Australia)
Matelita (Fiji) — pretty
Monia (Italy)
Neide (Angola) 
Oiana (Spain)
Olia (Australia) 
Paule (France)
Pernille (Denmark)  — Pernille's really growing on me
Rushlee (New Zealand) 
Sinivie (Nigeria)
Sona (Czech Republic)
Spela (Slovenia)
Talita (Jordan)
Tanoh (Côte d'Ivoire) 
Tine (Denmark)
Ursa (Slovenia) 
Willemijn (Netherlands) 


  1. I'm so glad to see Laurence on a girl! <3

  2. I like Caio, Edvald and Lorys for boys.
    From the ladies list I like Beata in particular, but also Aude, Clemence, Cleopatra, Laurence, Oiana, Sinivie and Ursa. For Oiana and Anahit I prefer Oihana and Anahita, but Oiana is very pretty as well :)

  3. Gold medals to Cedric and Pernille (Pernille is adorable!)

    Silver medals to Shea and Coralie.

    Bronze medals to Edvald and Talita.

  4. Anqi looks like an alternate spelling of Anchee, as in the author Anchee Min. In her book Red Azalea, she said she was "named after the sound of jade." (Why yes, I remember random details if they relate to names!)

    My favorite new names here are: Caterin, Ioulietta (agreed), Matelita, Talita.

    And for boys: Caio, Tariku,

    Onan is a very negative Biblical name, so I'm shocked that it was used.


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