Monday, August 27

Sonoma Bunch

Freshly back from a quick August trip to Sonoma, I've got a good bunch of overheard names — Ottilie and I spent our mornings at the playground in the town square, and most of these were spotted there. It's funny, the difference between overheard names in Los Angeles and Sonoma really speaks to the differences of the two places. One's a city, one's a small-town, one's consumed by trends, with a razor-sharp focus on presentation, and the other's laid-back,  influenced only by that particular gorgeous, comfy northern California brand of nature. 

Hope you enjoy these Sonoma-finds — 

Briar — what a sweet, underused choice. It was so refreshing to hear this one. From the name of the thorny plant, it's also, technically, a princess name, belonging to Briar Rose, aka Sleeping Beauty. I can see it working just as well on a boy. This Briar had a pair of little twin sisters whose names I, unfortunately, didn't overhear. (I think one might have been Caroline, though.)
Greta — perhaps my favorite Margaret-diminutive, Greta shares its lovely meaning: "pearl"
Greylin — I thought this girl's name was some spelling of Braelyn, but luckily another parent asked her to spell it for him, so I learned that it was actually Grey, not Brae, which I'd count as a fortunate change. Reminds me a bit of Greyling, which could make a cool, unexpected middle
Ivy — another name  inspired by the Sonoma landscape? Ivy is one of the few nature names that can sound totally sophisticated in the right combo
Season — I heard this one about a thousand times, as the mom kept calling her daughter by her full first & middle names (she must be proud of her choice!) I thought using Season was so unusual that her middle name (Marie) seemed lackluster by comparison
Violet — on an older girl, maybe around 10, with heavily-tattooed young Goth-ish parents. She wore it well

Gus  wish I knew if this was short for August, or a standalone. Or, even better, for Augustus or Angus
Truman — loved hearing this one on a little blond boy, such a big, yet workable, name, and one of the fresher-sounding US-president choices
Wilder — this one seemed very LA to me, but hearing it in Sonoma made it less try-hardy
Zeke — a sweet Australian kid whose grandmother kept calling him Zekey

And a couple sibling sets I managed to catch — 

Mattea & Oliver 
Juliette & Fiona — there were 2 more girls whose names I didn't catch. I can think of a few fitting posibilities. Perhaps Genevieve or Catriona? 
Greta, Vivian & Ruby — with each name in this set, I swooned harder and harder. I think Ruby was the oldest, then Vivian, then Greta. I was shocked to hear Greta twice! 
Phoebe & Finn 

Ottilie paints on the deck


  1. Ooh, I love these small-town names.

    Season is pretty, although being a keen cook, it reminds me too strongly of "seasoning" food to ever think of using it.

    Truman reminds me VERY strongly of "The Truman Show" - perhaps it made more impact on me than usual.

    Wilder and Briar are adorable; Violet and Ivy are sweet yet knowing.

    The sibsets are pretty darn gorgeous.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who dislikes Greta ...

  2. pretty bunch of names, and beautiful pictures!


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