Monday, August 13

2012 Olympic Names: Round 3

The Olympics may be over, but the list of Olympic names has a lot more to give. Check out these beauties — 

Aldemir (Brazil)
Briken (Albania) 
Chika (Nigeria) 
Custio (Canada)  
Deni (Indonesia)
Detelin (Bulgaria)
Everton (Brazil)
Freedom (South Africa) 
Hersony (Venezuela
Johnno (Australia)
Liviu (Romania)
Muller (Gabon)
Rok (Slovenia)
Roxroy (Jamaica) 
Saliou (Senegal) 
Seba (Switzerland)
Teshome (Ethiopia)
Teun (Netherlands)
Winder (Dominican Republic)
Zelin (China)
Zurabi (Georgia)

Azenaide (Angola) 
Bethania (Dominican Republic)
Blandine (France)
Chauzje (Zambia) 
Dailis (Cuba) 
Diletta (Italy) 
Dirkie (South Africa)
Jolien (Belgium)
Kissya (Brazil)
Liesbet (Belgium)
Linouse (Haiti)
Mavzuna (Tajikistan)
Merel (Netherlands)
Onix (Cuba)
Pietie (South Africa)
Rushmi (India) 
Saruba (Gambia)
Sulette (South Africa)
Swin (USA) 
Sytske (Netherlands)
Talitiga (Samoa)
Tandara (Brazil) 
Tassia (Brazil)
Tejitu (Bahrain)
Zamandosi (South Africa) 


  1. The last day gave me one last gift of a man named Coolboy running the mens marathon.

  2. I suppose Johnno sounds interesting elsewhere, but it's just a nickname for John - we have a habit of putting random Os at the end of names and words.

  3. I know a girl named Freedom.

    I'm kind of liking Winder for a boy. But is it pron. (WHYND er) or (WIN der)?


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