Tuesday, February 26

2012 Olympic Names: Round 5

Oh yeah, I still have some of these bad boys and girls to share  

Andranik (Armenia) 
Asenathi (South Africa) — interestingly, this is a female name from ancient Egypt, referring to the goddess Neith 
Asier (Spain) — a Basque name meaning "the beginning," it's quite popular (top 100) in Spain
Bodin (Thailand) 
Cenk (Turkey)
Dorian-Lance (South Africa)
Ensar (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Hayle (Azerbaijan)
Heerden (South Africa) 
Indre (Lithuania)
Juliao (Brazil) 
Kibwe (United States) — a Swahili name meaning "blessed" 
Mate (Hungary) 
Phathana (Thailand)
Phelan (Great Britain)  
Pierre-Luc (Canada)
Race (United States)  not sure if he was a track & field athlete, but ...
Rhett (South Africa) — tell me, why is this not more popular in the US?  
Riker (Jamaica) 
Sezer (Hungary)  
Sjoerd (Netherlands) 
Soso (Georgia)
Tabarie (US Virgin Islands) 
Tremaine (Canada)
Valtteri (Finland) — I bet you can guess what this is the Finnish form of 
Vatan (Azerbaijan)
Vid (Hungary) 
Wael (Tunisia)
Wirimai (Zimbabwe) 

Afa (Moldova) 
Airi (Japan) 
Andja (Croatia) 
Arezou (Iran) — a Persian name meaning "desire" 
Bayan (Syria)
Chancel (Dem. Rep. of Congo)
Darae (South Korea) 
Docus (Uganda)
Glenhis (Cuba) 
Isokan (Nigeria) — this one really stands out. I love unusual "I" names 
Jackelina (Colombia)
Kana (Japan) 
Laverne (US Virgin Islands) — ready for a comeback, yet?
Lavone (Dominican Republic)  
Mahlagha (Iran)
Mayookha (India) 
Meiliana (Indonesia) — three pretty "M" names from I-countries 
Ons (Tunisia) 
Refiloe (South Africa)
Sehryne (Algeria) 
Siril (Norway)
Sousan (Iran)
Tahesia (British Virgin Islands)
Tash (New Zealand) 

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