Tuesday, February 19

2012 Royal Births

photo by laliseuse

I came across this list of royal/noble babies born in 2012 and thought it warranted a closer look. Such great finds here — I mean, only royalty can pull off a 12-name combo. There's a nice mix here of old and new, traditional and quirky. 


Abdullah (sister Nayla)
Alejandro (brother, Johannes Maria)
Alexander (brother, Karl Egon)
Amadeo Joseph Gabriel 
August (twin siblings, Paulina & Moritz)
Balint Alexis Philipp Gilbert Balthasar (sister, Alicia; brother, Carl Nikolaus) — Balint is a Hungarian form of Valentinus. I love Gilbert and Balthasar paired together
Carl Stephan 
Edmund Bengt Lennart 
Friedrich Wilhelm 

Ignace (sister, Teresa)
Jaime José de Calasanz María de las Victorias Heinrich Eric Samuel Manuel Iñigo María del Pilar — so many names! I wonder what he goes by
Johannes Emanuel Philipp Maria (brother, Heinrich)
Josias (sisters Charlotte, Philippa & Freya) — Josias is a nice, standout choice. It feels quite classical and I definitely prefer it to Josiah
Leonhard Florian Douglas Wichard (brothers Felix & Caspar)
Matías (brother, Juan-Sebastian) — such a handsome set, for brothers 
Mohammed & Hamad (twins; sister, Sheema)
Paul-Ferdinand Joost Alexander Nikolaus (sister, Donata-Sophie) — Joost stands out. Very cool Dutch diminutive of names like Justus, Jodocus and Jozef 

Rashed (sister, Hind)
Rufus (sister, Lyla)

Tane Mahuta (sister, Senna; half-brother, Ari) — he was named for a giant tree in the forests of New Zealand, which was named for Tāne, Maori god of birds & forests
Tibor Daniel Lajos Béla Pál Maximilian Maria Hubertus (brother, Imre)
Vinzenz Alexander Wenzel — a medieval form of Václav
Zayed (sister, Jalila)
Ziya Reşad Efendi — Ziya is an Arabic name meaning "splendour," or "glow/light"


Aliénor (brother, Jean-Charles) — this very old form of Eleanor has always caught my eye
Antoinette Léopoldine Jeanne Marie (brother, Gaston)
Apolonia Maria 
Athena Marguerite Francoise Marie (brother, Henrik; half-brothers Nikolai & Felix)
Dana (sisters Noora & Moza)
Elisa Elisabeth Anne Anke Barbara Henriette (sister, Clara)
Ellen Lovisa Elisabeth 
Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary 
Isabella Vita Marina (brothers Umberto & Amedeo)
Isla Elizabeth (sister, Savannah)
Kira Sofie 
Luisa Irene Constance Anna Maria (half-brother, Carlos)
Marguerite (brothers Antoine & Charles; sister, Philippine) — ooh, Philippine. Pretty cool
Maximiliana Marina Nicola Maria-Rosa Viviana (sisters Floriana, Georgiana, Elisabeth & Elena) — five girls! And such flowery names. I feel like Elena got the short ened of the stick, though, and it's too close to Elisabeth
Philippa Alexandra Ilse Christina Johanna — love Ilse Christina
Sophie Lara (sister, Emma)
Talma Laurence Sarah Eleonora Maria — Laurence on a girl = dig it 
Vita (brothers Leone & Oceano) — love her brothers' names

Willow Frances Rose (brothers Barnaby, Alexei & Felix)
Zein (half-sister, Haya)


  1. Laurence is actually traditionally a girls name in French. The masculine version is Laurent.

  2. I love Vita, Leone and Oceano and Aliénor and Jean-Charles.

    I would have liked to see what countries they were from.


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