Monday, February 4

Secret Agent Names

Lady the spy-train on a mission

Ottilie has recently been exploring (by orchestrating many, many, elaborate games that Brian and I are mere pawns in, 'round the clock) the idea of being a "secret agent." 

I'm pretty sure she has no idea what a secret agent actually does, but she knows what she likes, and she knows they get to do certain things that appeal to a 3.75 year old with — what I'm assuming is — a perfectly healthy competitive streak and love of intrigue. She assumes the personalities of various spy-cars and spy-trains, writes secret notes, and plays tricks on bad guys. Her go-to spy names are Finn and Lady (which she pronounces "lay-TEE," for some reason) — oh! Interesting tidbit about Lady: she spews magic spy gold dust from her butt.*

I don't usually get to choose my own name in these games — just a pawn, remember? I know my place —  but, thanks to the Random Renamer at Behind the Name, I got some good ideas, should I ever turn to espionage.

You can generate your name with specific categories in mind (Galician Spy Name, maybe? Wrestler Spy Name?) but I chose "All Categories" to get the widest range of choices. These were my favorites — 

First, middle and surname — 

Io Oluwaseyi Tomčič — Oluwaseyi is a Yoruba name meaning "God made this," which, I don't know, seems a little sassy
Lleucu Rumena Samson — Lleucu is a Welsh form of Lucia
Lucrèce Hanna Novak — French form of Lucretia, so pretty
Salima Meta Vang — I might drop Salima and just go with "Meta Vang," because obviously

First and surname only —  

Lilou di Caprio 
Easter von Ingersleben — for the win!
Lochana Sedlak — Lochana means "the eye." Perfect for a spy
Mariel Buhr
Naomi Niven
Virginie Sinason
Xanthia Willis
Yael van Rompaye — my 2nd favorite 
Zuza Sarto

So intense, right? I love them all but I have to say, Easter von Ingersleben just feels like my spy name. I wonder if I can convince Ottilie to let me use it ...

Head over to the Renamer and see what it gives you —  feel free to share any favorites in the comments!

* Did you know? Trains have butts.


  1. I got: Rolande Ersilia Maier! Quite fun...though not as fun as glittery train butts ;)


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