Wednesday, March 13

Toy Stories

Botlhe, photo by Gabriele Galimberti

I followed a link to this wonderful series of photographs of children posing with their most prized possessions, and found myself oohing and aahing over their names, so I thought I'd share. They're an eclectic bunch, and come from all around the world, so there's sure to be something appealing here. Enjoy!

Abel (Mexico) 
Davide (Malta) 
Enea (USA) — very interested how this one wound up on a boy from Colorado. Maybe it's a family surname? 
Keynor (Costa Rica) 
Li Yi Chen (China)
Lucas (Australia)
Niko (USA)
Noel (USA)
Norden (Morocco) 
Orly (USA) — another intriguing one, on a boy. It's a feminine Hebrew name meaning "light is mine"
Pavel (Ukraine) 
Ragnar (Iceland) 
Ralf (Latvia) 
Ryan (South Africa)
Taha (Lebanon)  
Tangawizi (Kenya)
Watcharapom (Thailand) 

Alessia (Italy) — the Italian form of Alexis, I wonder why it hasn't caught on in the US. It's very popular in Italy 
Allena (Philippines)
Arafa & Aisha (Zanzibar) 
Bethsaida (Haiti) 
Botlhe (Botswana) 
Chiwa (Malawi)
Cun Zi Yi (China)
Elene (Georgia)
Farida (Egypt) — means "unique," or "precious"
Jaqueline (Philippines)  — yes, just with the Q, not Jacqueline
Julia (Albania)
Kalesi (Fiji Islands)  
Maudy (Zambia) 
Naya (Nicaragua) 
Puput (Indonesia) — so cute
Reanya (Malaysia)  
Shaira (India)
Stella (Italy) 
Talia (Algeria)
Tyra (Sweden)
Virginia (USA)  — refreshing to see this on a young girl

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