Friday, April 12

Inspired By: Fleetwood Mac

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night
and wouldn't you love to love her
takes to the sky like a bird in flight
and who will be her lover

Generally, when I write a story, I use placeholder names for the characters. Once I get to know them a little better, when they've stopped being abstract ideas and become full-on imaginary friends, then I finalize the name. Sometimes, the placeholder name becomes them, shapes who they are, but sometimes there's a big change pretty far along in the story. That happened recently, when I changed a character's name to Rhiannon. 

In the story, Rhiannon is the daughter of hippie parents who named her after the Fleetwood Mac song — the inspiration became a part of her background and helped me better understand who she is. Singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks was born in Arizona, where I grew up and where the story takes place. Her songs in particular use desert imagery and motifs in ways that I respond to — they feel familiar and nostalgic in a special way because of where I'm from. But mainly they are just a massively talented group of musicians who write killer pop songs, no duh.

Here are 10 names inspired by Fleetwood Mac — 

Fleetwood — if my last name was Fleetwood, I'd totally use it for my band's name as well. It's so fun to say, and evokes something nature-y and cool. It sounds fast and flashy, and I like it. It's like the word Creedence, without the heavy overtones. I could see just using Fleet as well, and I do like the nickname Woody a lot
Lindsey — I love that Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks have names that are more often found on different genders. It's part of their mystical love connection, I am sure. On a girl, Lindsey is quite dated in the US — it and the Lindsay spelling popped into the top 1,000 in the mid-'70s and peaked in the '80s — but for a boy I think it's fresh, ready for some new use
Nicks — speaking of new use, I can see Nicks (though given peoples' love for "cool X names," it would probably be  more popular spelled Nix) finding a following
Shadow — maybe a bit canine, but there are lots of shadows in Fleetwood Mac songs and the sound is pretty great, fitting in with other trendy "-ow" names like Harlow and Marlow
Tusk — my favorite Fleetwood Mac album, it would be pretty daring and distinctive, which I refuse to believe are lame qualities to be looking for in a name, no matter how many "but they'll get teased/won't be taken seriously" arguments I hear

Illume — all right, so maybe this is a brand of candle? But I love the sounds, and it feels like I might come across it in the Dutch stats I did a series on, or something. Love the nickname Lumi, too, and the meaning: "to make brighter"
Rhiannon — Rhiannon is a Welsh name meaning "great queen," and in Welsh mythology she was the goddess of fertility and the moon. Clearly, Stevie Nicks was always going to obsess over this name. According to interviews, Nicks first came across it in a book, and she wrote the song about a witch queen. Here is a quote: "I wrote this song and made her into what I thought was an old Welsh witch. And then I had just, just found out that Rhiannon was a Welsh witch. There's a whole trilogy of books written about her called the Song of Rhiannon. Which is pretty weird because I never saw that."
Sara — "Sara/ you're the poet in my heart/ never change, never stop" I've never been a fan of the name, but man, Sara gets all the good songs. (I'm thinking of a Dylan one in particular)
Silver — many "silver" references in their songs as well. I wonder why this one isn't at least a little more well-used, it seems ready-made for it, with its similarity to Sylvia/Sylvie 
Stevie — and, of course, there's Stevie itself. It's her nickname (her full name is Stephanie) and I think it would be adorable on a little girl, pretty cool on a teenager and work nicely on an adult all the same

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  1. Some great ideas!

    A friend of mine was almost named Rhiannon after the Fleetwood Mac song, but her grandmother talked her mother out of it.


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