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Old Québec Names: E

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There were so many great "E" names from this collection of names found on old gravestones in Québec — I couldn't narrow it down, so I've included all the ones that caught my eye. Enjoy!

Starting out with the "Ed-" names, we have Edalène/EdalineEdimée and Edmée, and Edyenne. I find Edaline and Edmée to be relatively accessible to the English-speaking ear. I'd say Emmeline and Esme are two mainstream-yet-unusual names, and if you're looking for something similar but distinctive, these familiar-sounding choices could work. Feminine and pretty, they're all good ways to honor someone with an "Ed-" name, as well.

I liked Effée for its simplicity and old-fashioned sweetness. Effie is quite hip right now, but Effée feels less like a flimsy nickname, and would be pronounced more like "eff-AY." Eglantine has always appealed to me in a frilly sort of way, like a character in a childrens' book. (For a literary connection, a character named Madame Eglantine does appear in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.)  I liked similar Egléphine, which takes it one step further into fairy-tale land.

There were plenty of beautiful "El-" names on this list. My favorites include Eleanor-spinoffs Eléonare, Eléonelle and  Eléonine — I can't decide which I like best. Then there's striking Eléanide and Eléantine, and lyrical Elélia and Eléva. For something with more unusual sound combinations, I was drawn to Eliorée, Elizadie and Ellemire and Elmyre. Elmyre might be my sleeper favorite of the whole "E" group  — I love that it sounds a little bit country, a little bit magical and a little bit old-fashioned. Along those lines, Elphémia and Elphémie stood out for being what I will just classify as "French clunkers," names that look unwieldy yet somehow manage to sound airy and light.

I thought Elvie was simple and really cute. I love all the vowels in Enoée and the frilliness of Emmélise and Esmérina. As an Estella-fan, I liked the looks of Estelline. I liked the way Evantine reminded me of Valentine, and I had to include Exalisse, which just has to belong to a tough, cool girl, right?

There were some winners on the boys' side of things as well. I liked Edaire for its cool ease, and Edem for its simple, masculine sound. Edgène and Edmile are two new-to-me "Ed-" names, and I liked Eliodor and Elisas, which both seem like something I might find in the birth announcements in Arizona. Eméland and Emérent are two of my favorite finds, strong choices that would make great middle names. I can see EméoEnoël and Evance catching someone's eye, and slipping into mainstream use without too many "that's super weird, what kind of name is that?" comments. On the frillier side of things, I really dug Eudovic and Eulysse, which are takes on Ludovic and Ulysses, I think.

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  1. There are some great choices here. I love Elizadie, Emmélise, & Elvie.


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