Wednesday, October 12

Olympic Names: Doubles Edition

One thing I noticed as I got to know this list was the fairly common use of double first names. I don't personally know anyone with a double first name, but as a name lover, the idea does appeal to me. Balance becomes very important when considering a hyphenated first name. The name shouldn't seem too heavily-weighted on one end, or too mismatched. When done correctly, the result can be a memorable, unique name with meaning and style. 

Here are some of my favorites from the list of Olympic athletes —

Aiverou-Thierry-Edouard (Burkina Faso) — the elusive triple first name
Arni-Mar (Iceland)
Brice-Vivien (Cameroon)
Bruno-Flavien (Central African Republic)
Damian-Ariel (Argentina)
Deressa-Chimsa (Ethiopia)
Edward-Henry (Panama)
Elvis-Vereance (Bahamas)
Grace-Yannick (Congo) — I wonder if, in the Congo, Grace is more common as a male name
Hector-Rafael (Mexico)
Kouassi-Olivier (Côte d' Ivoire)
Lahoussine-Xavier (France)
Laszlo-Zsolt (Hungary) — love that back-to-back "SZ/ZS"
Levente-Andrei (Romania)
Narcisse-Odilon (Cameroon)
Omar-Juma (United Arab Emirates) — nice symmetry here, and easy to say
Rasmus-Nicholai-Quist (Denmark) — another 3-parter. It's like spotting a unicorn
Ruben-Bertrand (Cameroon)
Shepherd-Kofi (Bahamas)
Sorel-Arthur (Bahamas)
Suleiman-Wanjau (Kenya)
Thamer-Kamal (Qatar)
Victor-Sebastian (Argentina) — Argentinians are very good at handsome male double names 

Affoue-Amandine (Côte d' Ivoire)
Berit-Annika (Germany)
Binta-Zahra (Senegal)
Bombo-Madalena (Angola) — so fun to say. Sounds like a dance
Celeste-Mar (Venezuela)
Clara-Susana (Spain)
Delphine-Bertille (Cameroon)
Djehi-Natacha-Sandrine (Côte d' Ivoire) — and three names for the lady
Erdenet-Od (Mongolia) — love the science-fiction vibe to  this one, very Ursula K. LeGuin
Izra-Hanie (Malaysia)
Lena-Frier (Denmark)
Louise-Mai (Denmark)
Matilde-Antonio (Angola
Monika-Devi (India)
Nazli-Ege (Turkey)
Nina-Franziska (Germany)
Ophelie-Cyrielle (France)
Raja-Amira (Algeria)
Rila-Rosa (Bahamas)
Rose-Pascale (Cameroon)
Sirkka-Liisa (Estonia)
Sule-Utura (Ethiopia
Thorey-Edda (Iceland)

I have a little surprise for last. This name is the only name from the entire Olympic roster that I've thought of fondly on a regular basis since the first read. It's my favorite name on the whole list, for many, many reasons, though it should be obvious. It's genius, it never fails to make me smile. 

It belongs to this guy:

he's from Ghana, land of amazing names.
he's a boxer.
and his name is ... 

Prince-Octopus Dzanie

oh, to be Prince-Octopus! I love that he isn't King-Octopus. That's the best part. 

I know everyone will totally adore P-O as much as I do, but other than that, is there anything else that stands out to you? How do you feel about double first names? Too much, or a great opportunity?


  1. I love double first names (as does Marc). Especially with our affinity for French names, we toss some around here and there--and then decide the ones we like only sound good in French! Love P-O, btw. Classic!

  2. Prince Octopus is classic, sounds like a character from a Disney movie!

    I find so many double names cumbersome, even if they're as pretty as Ophelie-Cyrielle, and so often they only go by their full names on paper, anyway. It also reminds me of Miss Amedrica and all the Bobby Sue's and Betty Jo's.

  3. Wow, Prince-Octopus!

    I have to say, I'm not a big fan of hyphenated names. I agree that they are cumbersome -- unnecessarily so -- and are definitely getting over used. A child can be called by its first and middle names without a hyphen, leaving the overall name much more flexible.

  4. Ophelie-Cyrielle is an absolute stunner, as is Delphine-Bertille - I really have a thing for French names!


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