Saturday, November 26

Friday Faves

Nevermind that it's early Saturday morning  here's a Friday tune.

"Mamunia," the title of this Paul McCartney & Wings song, was the name of a house in Lagos, Nigeria, where most of the album Band on the Run was recorded. It's from an Arabic word meaning "safe haven."

the rain comes falling from the sky
to fill the stream that fills the sea 
and that's where life began for you and me 

so the next time you see rain it ain't bad
don't complain, it rains for you
the next time you see LA rain clouds
don't complain, it rains for you and me 

I can totally see this one working as a name  can you?

1 comment:

  1. This one just doesn't work for me. The song is awesome, I love it as a word- it just doesn't seem to be "name-y" enough. My personal opinion, though. The song is amazing, love Paul McCartney!


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