Sunday, November 6

Olympic Names V

Here's your fifth helping of Olympic names —  there's gotta be something for everyone in this bunch.

Alodin (Jamaica) 
Amro (Egypt)
Antti (Finland) — nobody does cute boy names like the Finnish do cute boy names
Cleveland (Guyana)  
Colomba (France this name (it means "dove") has been used on men and women historically
Driss (Egypt)
Leonid (Russian Federation)
Loris (Italy)
Orinoco (New Zealand) — named for the river, I wonder?
Oskari (Finland)
Procopio (Mexico)
Rovshan (Azerbaijan)
Tonu (Estonia) 
Tulop (Palau)
Urby (Netherlands)

Ahamada (Comoros) 
Ai (Japan)  my all-time favorite Japanese girl name
Anda (Latvia)
Cornelia (Switzerland) 
Dalixia (Cuba)
Dedeh (Indonesia)
Delloreen (Jamaica)
Ethiene (Brazil)
Haiat (Egypt) 
Inna (Bulgaria)
Jael (Spain) — means "mountain goat," can't beat that 
Leyre (Spain)
Lotte (Denmark) 
Neli (Romania)
Nilla (Sweden) 
Onome (Nigeria)
Perdita (Canada) 
Pia (Germany)
Sultana (Canada)
Sylvianne (France)

What catches your eye on this rainy, hour-missing Sunday morning?


  1. I like Leyre. Loris is also intriguing, but, for me, it sounds feminine, maybe because it feels a lot like a hybrid between Doris and Lois. I love when you do these posts, they always have such interesting names.

  2. I love Orinoco more because he was always my favourite Womble than anything. As for the girls, I do love the name Lotte.

  3. I love Ai, Colomba, Antti, and Sylvianne. Leyre reminded me of the name Lyre, which I much prefer.

    And can I offer a suggestion for the next group of names after the Olympic ones dry up?
    Pro sports. To start, the Florida Gators have a player named Jacoby Brisset. (pronounced Ja-co-be with long o sound) You could also do cheerleaders and such!


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