Tuesday, November 15

Olympic Names VI

From Mads to Nami, Dashdavaa to Evdokia, here's the sixth installment of Olympic Names  

Asley (Cuba) 
Breaux (United States)
Dashdavaa (Mongolia) 
Faris (Belgium)  
Franson (Palau
Gable (Botswana)
Harmon (New Zealand— Harmon's so nice, they named him twice (his surname is also Harmon)
Lasha (Georgia)
Luluk (Indonesia) — adorable
Mads (Denmark)
Othmane (Algeria)
Phaisan (Thailand)
Rawle (Guyana) 
Rossano (Italy)
Shalva (Azerbaijan)
Soslan (Russian Federation)
Suren (Ukraine)
Suso (Spain)

Beate (Germany) 
Evdokia (Russian Federation)
Iciar (Spain)
Ilune (Spain) 
Jala (Germany)
Leiliane (Brazil)
Nami (Japan)
Rosibel (Colombia)
Rosselia (Italy) 
Sheena (Barbados) — is a punk rocker, now-eyow-eyow?
Sinan (China)  
Sivan (Israel)
Tobin (United States) 
Wenna (China)
Yoanka (Cuba) 
Zhanna (Belarus)
Zoia (Ukraine) 


  1. Gable has Gone with the Wind written all over it. It's fabulous. Harmon Harmon... just why? There's a footballer here in the UK whose father is called Neville Neville.

  2. I like Wenna. It feels distinctly Chinese, yet distinctly not, as well!


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