Tuesday, November 22

Olympic Names VII

Athif (Maldives) 
Bunting (Cambodia) — aww
Cosmin (Romania) 
Dauda (Nigeria)  
Idulio (Mexico
Izzet (Turkey)
Jussi (Finland
Leos (Czech Republic)
Margus (Estonia) 
Paris (Chile)
Ponloeu (Cambodia)
Promise (Nigeria) — Promise and Bunting!
Quintino (Guinea-Bissau) 
Reto (Switzerland)
Taufik (Indonesia)
Till (Germany)
Vaezi (Iran)
Vegard (Norway)
Visa (Finland)
Zwede (Trinindad & Tobago)

Cvetanka (Bulgaria) 
Flora (United States— her surname is Hyacinth 
Hanae (Japan)
Katinka (Hungary) 
Liezel (United States)
Ludivine (Belgium)
Melek (Turkey)
Olimpiada (Russian Federation)
Orsolya (Hungary) 
Pulum (Korea) 
Sevil (Ukraine)  
Svenja (Germany)
Tawa (Nigeria) 
Vafa (Azerbaijan)
Virgil (St. Kitts & Nevis) — wouldn't expect this one to "go to the girls"
Vitiny (Cambodia)
Xeniya (Kazakhstan) 
Zomilla (Hungary)


  1. I know a German lass named Svenja, and have loved the name since I first happened upon it. A similar name I also love is Ksenia.

    I'm as surprised as you to see Virgil on a girl, but hey ho. Maybe it's the norm in their country?

  2. Flora Hyancinth. Swoon. It may be corny but it sure is pretty.

  3. Please don't tell me Cvetanka is a shot-putter...

    Vitiny is pretty -- I like Khmer names a lot.

  4. Liezel, and various spellings, will always be a name I'll love from afar! Reminds me of the Sound of Music :)


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