Thursday, December 15


As the year draws to an end, I'm thinking of all the names I've mentioned since the inception of this blog in September, and wondering how they work not as a random, eclectic jumble of styles and sounds, but as a group. 

These are some combinations I've been fiddling with, trying to find something to inspire my own favorites list. The master list is here, feel free to come up with a few mismatched matches yourself  — 

Alfred Philo 
Horatio Crosby 
Ingus Delphin 
Jethro Crake 
Louis Rodion 
Malo Raphael 
Otto Luluk 
Percival Beau 
Rens Frederick 
Winston Worth 

Deva Violante 
Gala Maialen 
Ilune Tassadit 
Isola Vedette 
Iver Romaine 
Lieselot Elleve 
Maris Halcyon 
Nieves Ludivine
Thora Nandelle 
Zoia Lailatou 


  1. Isola Vedette, Iver Romaine, Zoia Lailatou, and Alfred Philo are so perfect! Love.

    From the list here, I would like to see an Ilune Worth running around somewhere. Ilune... I officially have a new love.

  2. My favourite is Winston Worth. It's very British and proper. I've started liking Percival more and more. Iver is also very nice-- reminds me of a combination of Ivy and Ever, which is fantastic. I'm always fascinated by what names name bloggers really like.

  3. Malo Raphael is very dapper, and Horatio is a name quietly winning me over.

    With Flora, Nora and Cora all starting to gain ground, Thora is a interesting alternative choice.


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