Sunday, December 25

Christmas Eve Name Game Families

Merry Christmas, namers! I hope everyone's had a lovely day and is busy breaking in all sorts of new goodies with loved ones and cookies everywhere. 

Thanks to those who played the Christmas Eve Name Game — it brought back memories of playing it with my sisters, and I even got them to join in, too.

To come up with the names, I used the full list of statistics for the year 1925 (in the US) and randomized them. I then generated a random number for every name I chose. There are some pretty weird finds here, but I think the retro vibe suits the holiday.

Here are your results!

Nicole Trager
Georgina Brooke and Aelred Mathias
-- Mariam Fayette & Wilma Annabel 
-- Cary Halvor
-- Eleonora Roseanna

Anonymous @ 12:55PM
Lona Parthenia and Jame Prospero
-- Teofilo Lambert & Eufemia Elyse
-- Abbott Levin
-- Nana Zane 
-- Eustolia Arnette

Lorna Kate and Alfonse Hayne
-- Frieda Daphne
-- Erla Barbara
-- Myla Ottilie
-- Camilo Harold

Meg C. 
Phoebe Laurice and Fowler Penrose
-- Denver Thurlo
-- Shafter Marshall
-- Achille Edd
-- Bessie Corona

Hyacinth Eloise and Jesse Jacobo
-- Viola Yvonne
-- Cresencia Ysabel
-- Wilmer Marcos 

jess s
Lovis Demetria and Eutha Palestine
-- Daniel Corbit
-- Mozel Cornelius
-- Mazie Avo

Elea @ BBN
Louisa Arlene and Everal Durrell
-- Eva Carlotta
-- Veria Minnette
-- Waylon Yutaka
-- Nero Solomon

Aleta Goldine and Vester Pierce 
-- Hercules Yancy
-- Rolfe Byrne
-- Maggie Corinne
-- Burke Timothy & Carlton Atley
-- Truly Royce

Nena Runette and Lincoln Hendrix
-- Adela Clarice
-- Hoyt Erastus
-- Beryl Aurelia

Lella Marilyn and Dolph Mordecai
-- Russel Kilbourne
-- Zina Pauline
-- Keller Geoffrey

Viola Palmina and Culver Montgomery
-- Goldie Garnet
-- Benno Roosevelt

Rosalina Dainty and Thornton Eldo
-- Ansel Foy
-- Drexel Gleason
-- Mabel Carmen

Anonymous @ 3:16AM
Zenona Imogen and Llewellyn Bailey
-- Rowland Buck
-- Nilo Vesper
-- Merrel Aristide
-- Gretna Constance
-- Evajean Venice


  1. Fabulous! I particularly love Eva Carlotta, but Nero Solomon certainly has a lot of pizazz.
    From the other families I'm quite taken with Eufemia Elyse, Zenona Imogen, Evajean Venice and Myla Ottilie.

  2. I realize why I like this so much. It's like Cabbage Patch names. It's a mystery of what will it be. Does it fit with my style, or is it totally outside the box?


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