Sunday, December 11

Not-So-Friday Faves

I spent the weekend visiting my in-laws in Sonoma, where there is no internets, and the air smells like air. 

I watched the lunar eclipse in the clear sky above the dark forest, with a friendly hooting owl (and my husband) for company. 'Twas a lovely time, but not one conducive to name-blogging. 

Sonoma is said to mean "the valley of the moon." I'm from outside Phoenix, Arizona, a place often referred to as "the valley of the sun," so I've always liked the connection. 

And speaking of valleys, here's a name — Echo. I've met two under the age of 5 here in LA. Pretty song by Blitzen Trapper, too.

if you knew what a fool i've been
you'd strike a match for every day that's been lost
what I wouldn't give to see you make a living breaking even
or just counting the cost

'cos every day is like a newborn, still as the sun
and if no one is watching does our love leave any trace
or just an echo out in space

Happy Sunday night, all.


  1. That is a beautiful connection - I like both Phoenix and Arizona as names too.

  2. Adore Echo -- although the myth is not the happiest. Is it tempting fate to name a daughter Echo, and have her pining away after the ones she loves, but who steadfastly ignores her, until there's nothing left of her?

  3. I LOVE when air smells like air! ;) And as far as Arizone towns, I think I like Sedona for a name!

    Regardless, a trip to any valley filled with wine is a good holiday!

  4. I adore Echo and both Sonoma and Arizona are huge guilty pleasures for me.


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