Sunday, December 18

Olympic Names IX

This will be the final installment of Olympic Names — I'll be sure to start again this summer, using names of athletes competing in the London '12 games!

Alo (Estonia) 
Antipass (Zimbabwe)
Flavius (Romania)  
Gergo (Hungary)  
Ignatas (Lithuania
Jagson (Brazil)
Kurban (Uzbekistan)
Leony (Cameroon)
Roel (Netherlands) 
Savvas (Greece)
Susumu (Japan)
Wolfram (Germany)
Zaur (Russian Federation) 

Aluissa (Romania) 
Bronwen (Australia) 
Eliska (Czech Republic)
Fanni (Hungary) 
Franciela (Brazil)
Ieva (Latvia)
Kabran (Côte d' Ivoire)
Lindita (Albania)
Nanthana (Thailand) 
Nike (Israel— very appropriate for an athlete, don't you think? 
Noeki (Netherlands)  
Paulini (Greece)
Peoria (Palau) 
Sarolta (Hungary)
Smaro (Greece) 
Un-Sil (DPR Korea)
Villo (Hungary) 


  1. It's great to see Nike being used!

  2. Aluissa is definitely pretty interesting. I wonder if it is a russified form of Eloise...hmmm

    I am quite fascinated to see a Peoria on the list, being from Illinois, it is just the name of a city that I never really thought of.

    I have always found Eliska to be sweet and delicate. Such a pretty, feminine name.

    Noeki is kinda sweet. I wonder if it is Frisian.

    Smaro is short for Smaragda which is from the Greek word for emerald.

  3. Yay! Bronwen! I love Bronwen.
    Eliska is pretty cool, too.


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