Saturday, February 25

And The Oscar Goes To ...

photo by Alan Light via Flickr

Movie credits are always a great place to find new names — I particularly like older movies for dusty throwback finds. The Academy Awards are taking over town tomorrow, so I thought I'd look through the list of cast and crew of the nominees for Best Picture. 

from The Artist —

Basil, Cleto, Tasso, Uggie, Wiley
Bérénice, Bitsie, Maize, Penelope, Peppy

from The Descendants —

Laird, Milo, Stanton, Waldo, Zoel
Amara, Fileena, Kaui, Shailene, Tiare

from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close —

Boris, Hamlet, Harlan, Hector, Oskar
Aurelia, Hazelle, Mona, Ryka, Viola

from The Help —

Coyt, Hughes, Jeno, Raleigh, Tate
Aibileen, Constantine, Hilly, Roslyn, Yule Mae

from Hugo —

Asa, Django, Gulliver, Mihai, Sacha
Belles, Hovette, Lisette, Mathilde, Nuria

from Midnight in Paris —

Gad, Jaume, Marcial, Sava, Serge
Inez, Léa, Marie-Sohne, Mimi, Zelda

from Moneyball —

Cabran, Grady, Kerris, Onesimus, Vyto
Francine, Gretta, Sian, Solange, Suzaine

from The Tree of Life —

Cayler, Finnegan, Goro, Laramie, Shay
Erma, Fiona, Irene, Leora, Rue

from War Horse —

Albert, Anian, Brandt, Hinnerk, Manex
Anayanzi, Chamia, Malwina, Revel, Rose

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  1. Basil, Amara, Aurelia, Viola, Constantine, Asa, Mathilde, Inez, Finnegan, Leora... all fabulous finds.

    Thanks to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the name Oskar makes me smile. I know there were quite a few people who found the movie boring or whatever, but I loved it. My cousin has Asperger's too, so it pulled on my heartstrings a little. I thought Thomas Horn did an excellent job with his role.


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