Monday, March 19

Elemental Names: Boron

Periodic table, found via UNIFORM on Tumblr
Unfortunately-named Boron is the next element on the periodic table — it's a fussy element, hard to make pure and more happy in a compound. Its more common naturally-occuring compounds are the borate minerals, which include Kernite and Borax, and intriguing Ulexite, which looks like a Nahuatl name. There are over 100 borate minerals, many of them named for the people who discovered them. Here are some interesting choices gleaned from that long list, some with the "-ite" ending and some without — Sassolite, Tusio, Vonsen, Sakhaite, Tuzla and Fabian.

Names with five-inspired meanings include Japanese Goro (or Gorou), which is traditionally bestowed upon the fifth son in a family; the Akan people of Ghana and the Côte d'Ivoire have a similar unisex name, Enu, which means "fifth-born child." Then there's Pompey, from the Roman family name Pompeius, which is from a Sabellic word meaning "five," and the Quins — from Quintus, there's plenty of options here that would work as given names for a child of any birth order (or born in May) or as a nickname for one whose given name ends with "IV." I particularly like plain Quint, feminine Quintina, Quentin and Quinton, and classic unisex choice Quinn

Lovers of awesome sci-fi movies probably already thought of The Fifth Element, a film which is responsible for launching Lilou onto the French popularity charts. Milla Jovovitch's character actually spells it Leeloo. In what I'm aware is a pretty nebulous connection, here are some names of other characters in the movie — Korben Dallas, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel, Vito Cornelius, Ruby Rhod, Munro, Fog, Achen and Omar

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