Friday, March 9

Friday Faves

Here's a pretty song with a pretty name — September's always been a blah month, one of my least favorites, but I think that as a name it has potential. Though it's the 9th month, the word means "seventh month," because that's where it fell in the Roman year. 

Of the "-ember" names I think this one and November have the most potential (though November's nickname Nova outranks September's ... what, Seppy?) — forget August and May, why aren't all month names fair game?

 born of the sea
a thousand miles away from me
a court of angels, a ward of the sun
a future forming, a curse undone

under our softly burning lamp 
she takes her time
telling stories of our possible lives
and love is the ink in the well when her body writes


  1. You could also use Ember as a nn for September.

  2. Yes I think people use Ember for September - it's very "in".

    I can't see any reason why you can't use any month for a personal name - I think traditionally the "number months" of September-December have been seen as less "namey".

    PS Seppy is a derogatory slang term for someone from the United States! A definite no-no as a nickname!

  3. September would certainly make for a quirky middle name


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