Monday, March 26

Southwest Births

photo of the Arizona sunset by laliseuse (my little sister!) via Flickr
One of my favorite name blogs to browse is Names 4 Real, a site where real birth announcements from all over the country (and beyond) are posted for perusal, evaluation, inspiration — it's a great way to keep an eye on what names are actually being given to newborns. Looking at birth announcements is the only way to find any data at all on middle names in the US, since the SSA site doesn't provide any data for names used in the middle spot.

From 2007-2010 I kept track of the births at two hospitals in my hometown in Arizona. Far from the naming forefront, I managed to get a pretty solid little database going for those 4 years. Here are some of the names that stood out as I browsed through it yesterday — 

Adele Luvilla 
Agetha Daisy — not sure what accounts for the change in spelling, here
Aenea Irene 
Aki Opal 
Akira Nefertiti — Akira more often appeared on the girls' side than the boys 
Astrid Renata
Aureliana Luisa — a super-frilly "Aur-" name
Blessing Morning Sun 
Bridgette Jerusha 
Camilla Editha 
Caroleen Jasper — something charmingly country-fied about this one  
Cibelle Evangeline 
Clementine Velouria — parents Pixies fans?
Cyra Valdine 
Doris Victoria — totally unusual to see Doris on a baby 
Flower Bea 
Georgine Olivia
Gingerlea Rose 
Isis Alta 
Jewels Hummingbird 
Katterli Helena
Letha Louise 
Lizabella Matilda
Mariska Love
Mary Bernardine 
Nicaëlle Vella 
Ninella Annelise 
Noor Fatima
Persephone May 
Petra Lyma 
Rita Beatrice — Rita's growing on me 
Roxy Simone
Sweden Little Feather 
Temperance Rose 
Vida Yen 
Violet Prudence 
Vivianne Lily
Zada Jane 
Zoila Eulaila 
Zuly Mariamne 

Arrow James 
Arthas Kael 
Bear Hobbs 
Dezmen Diggy — there was one more occurance of Dezman, I guess a Desmond variant spelling? 
Diego Lucius 
Doc Jack
Enoch Antonio 
Flint Beau 
Golden Foremaster — woah 
Harold Maxwell — something about Harold on a baby cracks me up 
Haven Zebedee 
Illiad Piercing Stone 
Jossmar Raphael — long form of Joss potential
Keane Kimble 
Killian Kidd 
Kincade Hite — Hite just makes me think of the Korean beer 
Leander Dixon
Leto Jonah 
Linus Anderson 
Lucian Elias 
Marcellus Rocco
Mavi Juno — reads a bit feminine to me, but nice 
Milo Danger — a few uses of Danger as a middle name, for boys and girls
North Gregory
Odis Zeus 
Quinton Forrest 
Ramses Admassu 
Redd Morningsun
Rollin Jasper 
Ruben Aleksander 
Silas Victory 
Sol Walter
Valentin Hector
Victor Abel 
Vinson Wynn 
William Wilbur
Zuri Hopper


  1. I'm rather intrigued by Sweden Little Feather. I never considered many place names, but Sweden has some nice potential with the Eden ending.

  2. What a list! Rita is my mother's name and I can't wait to watch it's revival - it's coming. Mary Bernadine, Gingerlea Rose, Mavi Juno and Sol are so great, and there's a real Iliad out there?

  3. Wow, some interesting ones here! Blessing Morning Sun, Jewels Hummingbird, Sweden Little Feather, Redd Morningsun... can't get any more unique!

    Some other really beautiful names too.

  4. Ooh, great list. I love Hummingbird in the middle.

  5. I like Silas for a boy for some reason...but Golden Foremaster? Speechless!

  6. Aureliana was one of my first ever GPs! Persephone was the second ;)
    I'm fascinated by the use of both Ramses and Nefertiti.

    I know nothing about the demographic of Arizona but Blessing Morning Sun, Jewels Hummingbird, Sweden Little Feather, Golden Foremaster and Redd Morningsun all strike me as being inspired by Native American names. Could this be possible?

  7. Oooh, Aureliana is nice! Always love Akira. And Ninella and Sweden are intriguing. Also love Mariska, Persephone, Arrow, Bear, Diego, Leander, Gregory, Forrest, Sol, and especially Danger as a middle name!! Great list!

  8. What a fantastic set of names! I would love to steal Leander Dixon, and maybe Arrow James.

    Iliad Piercing Stone is just ... wow.


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