Friday, April 27

Friday Faves

B is for Beach, photo by laliseuse via Flickr

I love names like I love words — I could swim forever in all the elements of aesthetic appeal (the look of letters on their own and of letters in certain combinations), sound preferences, vibes (my mother-in-law is a synesthete, and the way she talks about letters and color feels very familiar, though I don't see them like she does) — I'm drawn to unexpected pairings and always strive for a sense of balance and evenness based on my personal preferences.

There are some letters I'm just not drawn to, and one of them is B. There are only two names on my favorites list that start with B — Balthasar and (very newly-added) Bodille. Poor, neglected B. A message-board post I read yesterday prompted me to come up with 5 B names I like for each gender. And, surprise, with a little digging, I did. And I really like all of them, as a grouping and on their own! Maybe enough to add one or two to my own B-starved list — 

Balthasar — there's just something about Balthasar-with-an-S. Spell it with a Z and I'm not as interested, it just looks gawky and biblical. But the S softens it, makes it more romantic. It's a Latin variant of a Hebrew name which was originally from an Akkadian name meaning "Ba'al protect the king"
Basil —  another B-herb! It also has meaning as an Arabic name ("brave, valiant")
Beau — obvious meaning, here. Beau has always been one that I like but can never commit to or add to my list. I've known a few, maybe that throws me off, or perhaps the meaning is just too literal. Still really like it though
Bruno — Blanche means white, Bruno means "brown." This one's well within the top 100 for Spain, Croatia and Chile, which should point to its international appeal, though I'd definitely avoid spelling it with an umlaut on the U 
Bertrand — means "bright shield." It was close between this and Bertram, Barnaby, Benedict and Bartholomew, but Bertrand won out (maybe for Bertrand Russell?)

Bodille — this is one I found via the Dutch stats. It can also be spelled Bodil or Bodile, and it's from an ancient Scandinavian name, Bóthildr, comprised of Norse elements meaning "remedy" and "battle." I'm totally into it at the moment, and like the nickname Bo for a girl, too
Babette — a French diminutive form of Elizabeth. Probably my favorite Elizabeth diminutive (though I like Betty and Betsy too -- Betsy's my mom!) You know I love "-ette" endings and forgive me, but I find the nickname Babe irresistible, at least in theory
Blanche — come on, Blanche DuBois? It's French, it's technically a color name (means "white") and still ranks fairly high-up in France. I always forget about this one when old-lady names are brought up, but I think it's ready for some attention
Bergliot — now this one is very new to me. I'm not even sure how to pronounce it. Another Norwegian name, it's comprised of elements meaning "save," or "help," and "light" — love that. Save the light, ya know?
Betony — the name of a minty herb, I think the sounds here are familiar enough (Bethany, Brittany, actor Paul Bettany) that this name isn't too wild a choice

What are your favorite B names?


  1. My mom's name is Betsy! It's short for Betsaida (a biblical place name).

  2. Well you came up with some great B names, for someone who dislikes it. (Although I can't quite get on the Blanche train, it just reminds me of blanching vegetables).

    I have to say, I don't have many name favourites starting with B either, but my least favourite letter for names is K.

  3. I really like Betony. In Britain we have a TV historian named Bettany Hughes:

  4. Yeah, I'm not really into the Bs for boys, but I do really like Bertram (the nns Bertie and Bram are just delicious)and Bertrand. For me K and O are my least favourites. The only K name that I kind of like is Kristen, and on the O side I like Onerva and Ottillie, which I guess you also like :)

  5. Love Balthasar and Bruno for boys. Bodille (on my top names list) and Bergliot are awesome. In Swedish Bergliot would be BER-ee-lee-ot or for easier reference: Berry-lee-ott.

  6. I'd say B is one of the letters I am draw to. For me it is navy blue, and sensible yet sweet! Funny that your mum describes certain letters as she does colours - I feel the same!
    My favourite of the B's: Blythe, Bess, Bridie, Beryl, Bridget, Birgette
    Behar, Babar, Banjo

  7. hmm, I don't have many "B" names on my lists. My fav one is Bay, as I am obsessed with all things relating to "downeast" Maine :) They have so many "Bays", love em all! Deepest wish is to live there! As for this post, well, I found a "B" name right here, last night & have NO idea why I Love it but I do, it's Bhoomi . I believe you said that it is used mostly by men who live in Senegal. That means something, but I thought, since I am legally changing my name, as every baby name site knows now, I still have not found the end all & be all. But when I saw Bhoomi 's meaning, "earth", since I was already wanting to use the female Noa, means "moving" & in Japanese it means "my love", so I thought, what if I found a decent "Heaven" name, (NOT Nevaeh, I'd rather open my car door and jump out, LOL, so have the 3 names meaning, "move heaven & earth, so it would be "Noa-???-Bhoomi.... just a thought, not sure at ALL, due to tightwad Mass. naming laws. However, the Icelandic 15 yr old girl who's fighting for HER right to choose her name inspired me to do the same, like, "the pursuit of Happiness", computer can only handle 16 characters per 1st, middle, last, they will HAVE to change it, as I will be honoring people in this kaleidoscope of names. Sorry for going off-topic, I just get so upset about it! Bri is another "B" name I appreciate. Beckham, Brecken (Breckinridge Colorado??) Brock? hmm. That's it for me. Again, sorry for selfish post.. Just feel desperate for support. I have NONE. No One.
    k, thx for listening, reading. I Love "K" names, mostly girls, and "M" & my 3 daughters are "S" names :)
    P.S. My username here are the only 2 names that have "spoken" to me, I felt drawn to both, then committed to them. But now Sequoyah will be relegated to a middle, while Jacheslea will be Last, it's pn; Jackslee :)


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