Friday, March 15

Old Québec Names: B

photo by gmayster01 via Flickr

Because I'm so obsessed with these amazing B names, here's the second installment of the Old Québec series — 

Balsamie —  might remind some of balsamic vinegar, but I like it as a nature name, as it incorporates the word balsam, referring to types of plants and trees that produce balsam oils
Basélisse —  perhaps from Basil, meaning "king"
Béatricia — love this unusual take on Beatrice, but ...
Béatride —  ... love this one even more. Reminds me of another favorite, Léonide
Bertille — a French diminutive of Bertha, meaning "bright," or "famous"
Bétonie — another nature name, Betony is a type of minty herb, I like it with an "-ie" ending
Bleuette — sweet and ready for modern-day use, I think. Might be a little funny to use in France; apparently it's the name of a popular toy doll produced from 1905-1960

Barylas —  a Russian place name, I didn't find much else about this one. Very nice sound though
Béliam — interesting long-form-of-Liam potential, no?
Bélin — pronounced "Baylin," which I can see getting some trendy love. This form looks more legit 
Bénévent —  such a cool one. Perhaps from the Italian word benevento, meaning "welcome"
Bercéus — couldn't find much info, but I love the look of it. Reminds me, sound-wise, a bit of Briseis, a feminine name from Greek mythology
Bernaï — perhaps a variant of Bernard, meaning "brave bear"
Bidou —  so cute, it might be too cute. We see names like Lilou, Milou and Ninou for girls, why not have a matching one for a boy, as well
Biel — adorable pet form of Gabriel in Spanish-speaking cultures

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