Monday, March 25

Old Québec Names: C

I just realized I took a real-life photo of Ottilie's drawing ...

Here are some of the names from the "C" group of names found on old gravestones in Québec  —  

Cassilda —  Casilda, with one "S," is the name of a Catholic saint from Toledo (Spain, not Ohio ...) who was the daughter of a Muslim king. Such a pretty sound
Célérine —  I've seen Celerie before, but I like this sweet version more. It's less veggie-fied, anyway
Cléonine — the Cléo variants were plentiful in this bunch, I picked this as my favorite along with ...
Cléophyre —  ... which is really cool. Would the "phyre" be pronounced "feer" or "fire," though? 
Cloviette — picturing a little clover here. Always looking for new "-ette" names
Cordula this one has a great meaning: "heart"
Cyra — another saint name (Cordula is, too). I can see this one having some success on the charts. People like Tyra and Kyra, why not Cyra?

Calvis —  thought this was a fun one, though I wonder if it'd just be confused for Calvin all the time
Casabon — isn't there a character in something named Casabon? Causabon? (Goes to Google ... ah, Middlemarch! Edward Casaubon, right, right. That was such a killer book.)
Cassédy — French cowboy? Cassady/Cassidy on a boy is one of my guilty pleasure names
Cathien —  suited for a sci-fi novel, perhaps, but a strong sound and a nice way to honor a Catherine with a boy name
Célidor — this one stood out because it sounds like "cellar door"
Cléodor — I love Cléo- names on boys and this one is a sweet alternative to Theodore
Colet —  the masculine form of Colette? I think it has a nice, sharp sound
Cordélias — swashbuckly, no?


  1. Ooh Cassilda. I like it. It's so much more interesting than Matilda! I feel as though it would be fairly easy to explain to people too: "like Cassandra and Matilda smushed together".

  2. I've liked Casilda before this, but not seen Celerine or Cleonine or Cleophyre that I can recall. They're awesome, though I have no idea about correct pronunciation so they are awesome in my mind at least. Cathien is cool but I'd like it better on a girl. Celidor would be a great name for some medieval knight. Cordelias made me laugh. But yes, swashbuckly with those lacy, ruffly shirts and a curly mustache.


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