Monday, March 4

Three That End With 'S'

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Three names on my mind today — and they all have something in common.

What's your favorite "ends in 'S'" name?

Anaïs — I love many Anna variants (Anina, Anouk, Anushka, Hana, Ninon) but Anaïs may be my favorite.   It's pronounced "a-na-EES," though commonly said as something more like "a-NAY-iss" in the US, or at least that's how everyone I've ever heard say Anaïs Nin's name has pronounced it. That association, combined with its popularity in countries like Belgium, France and Chile, gives it a literary/international vibe. It's very unusual in the US, occasionally squeaking in to the top 1000 (it last ranked there in 2007, at #905) — in 2011, there were only 159 girls named Anais born

Persis — Persis is a favorite of mine, one that doesn't get much love when I mention it. It's a Greek name, from the word for "Persian woman." It's extremely unusual —  I dug into its history a bit, checking its popularity for every decade since 1890. Here's the info: in 1890 there were 7 born, in 1900 there were 7 born, 5 in 1910, 13 in 1920, 9 in 1930, 6 in 1940, less than 5 in 1950, 6 in 1960, less than 5 in 1970, 8 in 1980, less than 5 in 1990 and 2000, and 6 in 2010

Otis — ah, the long fall of Otis. Way back in 1899, Otis was a top 100 name. It ranked comfortably at #94 then, after seeing a fairly steady 20+ year rise. In 1909 it was #99, and after that it was all downhill — in 1994 it made its last appearance in the top 1000, clocking in at #941. However, I think it might be ready for a comeback of sorts. Actor Tobey Maguire used it for his son in 2009  a year when only 123 Otises were born in the US. Last year that number had risen a bit, to 143. I heard it on a toddler yesterday at breakfast and will be interested in checking its numbers when the 2012 stats come out in May


  1. A few of my very favorite names end in -s. Oddly enough, they're all in -is, like yours.

    1 - Francis
    2 - Paris (for a boy)
    3 - Tomyris
    4 - Isis

    Not quite favorites, but equally lovely:
    - for a girl: Naïs, Thaïs, Iris, Lilas
    - for a boy: Qaïs / Kaïs, Raïs, Carlos

  2. Ooh I love all three of those names - especially Persis, which is so romantic yet piquant.

    I feel as if Otis is going quite well at the moment - but probably only because it's so rare that any mention seems like a lot. I think it may actually be more popular here than in the US.

  3. My favorite ends in -S...

    Boy - Amos
    Girl - Farris



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