Thursday, May 9

Initial Thoughts on the 2012 SSA List

Here they are: the top 10s for 2012!

Excitement abounds! Time to dive in to this data. First, let's talk about the top 10.

Not much has changed here — the #1s are still Jacob and Sophia. On the girls' side, Chloe dropped a spot from #10 and was replaced by former #11, Elizabeth. On the boys' side, Liam is the notable new entry, coming in at #6. We lost Daniel, the former #10, and there was some rearranging: Ethan rose from #7 to #3, and William, Jayden, Michael and Aiden fell.

As for the predictions I made in my post yesterday, nearly all of them did indeed see a rise. The biggest risers were Archer, which did not quite make it into the top 300 like I thought it would, but just missed it, coming in at #404; Atticus, which rose 52 spots to #410; Declan, which went from #177 to #143; Gemma, which went from #356 to #317 (Jemma also rose); Ivy, which moved into the top 200 at #187; Lincoln went from #132 to #178; and Olive went from #416 to #368.

Beatrice rose a few spots only (and Beatrix did not rank), Camden only rose 4 spots to #156, and Rayna and all her variants all saw declines in popularity, the opposite of what I guessed!

This was not Clementine's year to crack the top 1,000 — there were 204 born, though. India also did not rank.

Adele, Arlo (almost 100 spots), Aria (now firmly in the top 100 at #91), Charlotte (shot into the top 20 at #19 as I predicted), Ezra, Finn, Harper (moved into the top 25 at #24), Isla, Leo, Liam, Luca, Oliver, Pearl,Penelope, Ruby, Scarlett, Willa (big jump from #983 to #723) and Willow all rose as predicted, though I was wrong about Xander — it dropped 11 spots, and Zander only rose 4. 

Two of my guesses for new entries to the top 1,000 made it in! Everly came in at #907 and Thiago came in at #862. 

Some others that are new to the top 1,000 and caught my eye on first glance — 

Axton — at #917 
Briggs — at #966
Graeme  — at #987 
Kyrie — at #866 (yes, for boys)
Lucca — at #919, this spelling now joins variants Luca and Luka in the top 1,000
Titan — at #961

Annalee — at #920
Azalea — #906
Collins — at #960 (yes, for a girl!)
Emmalyn — at #910
Jessa — at #999, maybe thanks to Girls?
Monroe — at #949 (also on the girls side)
Paislee — debuting at #718 (Paisley is #104)
Winter — at #772 (wow!)

And my absolute favorite newbie, Cataleya, which made it not only into the top 1,000 but into the top 500, coming outta nowhere to land at #479! That means there were 636 babies named Cataleya born in 2012, and in 2011 there were only 28. That is a real shocker.

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  1. Cataleya is beautiful; I really enjoy it. Thank you for sharing!


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