Wednesday, September 4

Old Québec Names: G

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Maybe, just maybe  now that Ottilie's back in preschool and the end of my novel is finally in sight — I will be able to post here regularly again. 

Enjoy these rare French-Canadian "G" names, found on headstones in a Québec cemetery.


Géméline — a pretty choice, reminiscent of Gemma and Madeline, pronounced "zhay-may-leen"

Gémina — perhaps from the Hebrew male name Jamin, meaning "right hand"

Génévra — a variant of Ginevra, which is the Italian form of Guinevere, meaning "fair," or "white"

Georgelle — always fun to find a new "Georg-" name. This one seems particularly sophisticated to me

Gillaine — fun to say, quite fresh and modern-sounding, too

Goldine — I've been seeing/hearing Goldie more and more lately, which makes me think a teensy leap in popularity may be inevitable. I think Goldine has potential as a longer, less childish form. Love how retro it feels

Graciette — I haven't seen this Grace variant before, but I love its frilly, Victorian feel


Gaël — unlike the rest of these names, Gaël appears in the US top 1000. It first appeared on the list in 2002, no doubt thanks to the popularity of actor Gaël Garcia Bernal. It did see a big rise from 2011-2012, shooting from #408 all the way to #146. It is also popular in Spain and France

Gallius  — perhaps related to Roman family name Gallus, meaning "rooster"

Garneau — most often found as a surname, it comes from Germanic name Warinwald, which means "guard" or "to govern." I think male names ending in "-eau" are always so handsome 

Georgias  — and a fresh old-new "Georg-" name for the boys as well, I like this one very much

Gilfred  — as a fan of Gilbert and Wilfred, I wholeheartedly support Gilfred the super nerd

Gloriam  — would be a nice way for a boy name to honor Gloria. "Ad maiorem Dei gloriam" is the Jesuit motto, and it means "For the greater glory of God"

Guydon — does this qualify as an old-school "-ayden" name, or what? Surprised I haven't come across one yet


Names are all opinion -- share yours.