Friday, February 7

Names from the 2014 Winter Olympics

Here are some of the more interesting names I found on the roster of athletes competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Aita (Switzerland)
Anemone (France)
Assoli (Russia)
Camillia (Switzerland)
Cilka (Slovenia)
Coraline (France)
Erla (Iceland)
Ingrida (Lithuania)
Ivanie (Canada)
Jorinde (Switzerland)
Kelime (Turkey)
Lelde (Latvia)
Mae-Berenice (France)
Maritta (Germany)
Maylin (Germany)
Moemi (Japan)
Mona-Lisa (Finland)
Nevena (Serbia)
Nkeiruka (Russia)
Ophelie (France)
Perianne (Canada)
Pernelle (France)
Queralt (Spain)
Saija (Finland)
Seraina (Switzerland)
Sulbee (South Korea)
Spencer (Canada)
Suela (Albania)
Sugar (USA)
Teja (Slovenia)
Tiril (Norway)
Ursina (Switzerland)
Viera (Slovakia)


Beat (Switzerland)
Calle (Sweden)
Crispin (Canada)
Curdin (Switzerland)
Dow (Cayman Islands)
Emery (USA)
Ferran (Spain)
Gilmore (Canada)
Ilkka (Finland)
Imanol (Spain)
Jorrit (Netherlands)
Jovian (Switzerland)
Koba (Latvia)
Lamin (Great Britain)
Laro (Spain)
Loui (Sweden)
Marinus (Germany)
Norbert (Hungary)
Odirlei (Brazil)
Raido (Estonia)
Remo (Switzerland)
Rok (Slovenia)
Ronan (France)
Saevar (Iceland)
Sage (USA)
Sybren (Netherlands)
Torger (Norway)
Zan (Slovenia)
Ziga (Slovenia)


  1. I saw a segment on Craig Ferguson last night when he was talking about some of the less flattering names of the competitors, such as Semen...

    Luckily these are much nicer - I'm quite taken with Ferran and Jorrit on the boys list :)

  2. Anemone caught me off guard, but it's actually very pretty, now that I think about it. I looked up Anémone Marmottan to see if I could find the story behind her name. Didn't find anything, but the Sochi2014 website says she uses the nickname Momonne.

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Names are all opinion -- share yours.